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RO System Troubleshooting - General

Problem Possible Causes Solution
Inlet pressure low Low supply pressure Correct incoming supply pressure
Cartridge filters plugged Replace filters
Solenoid valve malfunction Replace solenoid valve and/or coil
Permeate flow low Low water temperature Adjust water temperature
Low system pressure Adjust control valve
Membranes fouled Clean or Replace Membranes
Pump noisy Low inlet flow See "Inlet pressure low" above
Permeate quality poor Low Inlet flow Adjust control valve
Low system pressure See above
Recovery too high Reduce recovery
Membranes fouled Clean or Replace Membranes
Membranes damaged Replace Membranes
Feed pressure present even after tank full Solenoid malfunction Replace solenoid
Coil malfunction Replace coil
Controller malfunction Inspect or replace


Provisions Against Undue Operating Conditions

Troubleshooting High TDS

  1. Chlorine Damage
  2. Mechanical Damage to Permeate Tube
  3. Leaking O-Ring
  4. Telescoping Due to Excessive Pressure Drop
  5. Membrane Surface Abrasion
  6. Permeate Backpressure
  7. Hydraulic Shock

Troubleshooting Low Permeate Flow

  1. Colloidal Fouling
  2. Metal Oxide Fouling
  3. Scaling
  4. Biological Fouling
  5. Membrane Dry Out
  6. Aged Preservative

Troubleshooting Low Salt Passage

  1. Compaction
  2. Organic Fouling


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