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RO System Maintenance & Operation:  System Recovery

System recovery should be monitored regularly to ensure that the system membranes are operating properly. The percent of recovery is the percentage of the feedwater which becomes product water. To find system recovery take the ratio of permeate flow to feed flow(Feed flow = Permeate flow + Concentrate flow).

Shown As:

% Recovery = (Product flow rate Feed flow rate) 100

Feed Flow = Permeate Flow + Concentrate Flow

Example: If permeate flow is 10 gallons/minute and concentrate flow is 15 gallons/minute, then

Feed Flow = 10 + 15 = 25 GPM

% Recovery = (10/25) x 100 = 40%

A higher recovery rate means less concentrate going to the drain. A higher recovery can also cause
soluble salts to precipitate out of the concentrate and onto the membrane surface.

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