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Ozone Generation

  • Electric discharge between two charged electrodes in the presence of air or oxygen.
  • Air/Oxygen must be oil-free, particle-free, and must have moisture removed to a -40F dew point or lower.
  • Ozone obtained has a concentration of 1-5% by weight.

Powerful Oxidant

Commercial Concentration    1-5%

At room temperature half-life:    In air - 14 hours, In Water - 20 minutes

Bacterial Kill                            3125 x Chlorine

Dosage level for pure water    2-3 PPM

Materials of construction        Stainless steel, Teflon polyethylene, DO NOT USE RUBBER

Ozone and Water Conductivity

  1. Organics + Ozone

                            Intermediate Compounds

                                                    Carbon Dioxide + Water        =        Increase Conductivity of Water

    2.    Also, impurities present in air (from which ozone water generated) can increase the conductivity of water.


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