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Membrane Fouling - Corrective Actions

By:  Gil K. Dhawan Ph.D. P.E., Applied Membranes, Inc.

1. Check and Fix the Pre-Treatment

Membrane fouling can result from a number of pretreatment deficiencies or equipment failure.  Some common examples of these are given below.  Check and fix these items as appropriate.

  • Carbon Fines
  • Water Hardness
  • Pre-Filter Breakdown
  • Pre-Filter Too Coarse
  • Pump Impeller Sheds Fines
  • Chlorine Break Through


2.  Change the Operating Conditions

Fouling can also be caused by improper system design and maintenance.  The fouling can be minimized by implementing one or more of the below steps. 

  • Reduce Recovery
  • Reduce Operating Pressure
  • Change Filters More Frequently
  • Sanitize the System Regularly

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